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Preventive Dental Hygiene

Regular oral examinations and professional cleanings allow your dentist to identify dental health problems and prevent more serious conditions from developing.

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Preventive Dental Hygiene, Barrie Dentist

Why Attend Dental Checkups?

Routine exams, ideally twice a year, help to prevent oral health issues from developing in the first place. They also provide your dentist with an opportunity to monitor your oral health over time and identify any developing concerns early—allowing treatment to get started before the issue becomes more severe.

During your routine exam, your dentist will take a close look at the health of your teeth, gums, jaw, and bite to determine if there are any areas of concern that require attention. Periodically, your dentist may recommend other diagnostic procedures such as dental X-rays.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can develop anywhere in the mouth or surrounding tissues. During your exam, your dentist will check your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any signs of oral cancer. Our Barrie dentists also use VELscope® oral cancer screening technology to help spot cancerous and precancerous lesions that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Oral Health Care at Home

Thorough at-home oral care is essential to keeping your smile healthy between checkups. To ensure that your oral health is taken care of all year long, make sure to brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time, and floss at least once a day to clear away plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental Hygiene Cleaning

Before or after you see your dentist, the hygienist will perform a deep cleaning of your teeth and gums to prevent and treat disease.

To begin, they will use a scaler to remove any tartar and plaque that has built up on your teeth since your last cleaning. Next, they will use a polisher and coarse toothpaste to remove any stains or leftover plaque. A thorough flossing is the finishing touch, ensuring that your teeth are as clean as can be, above and below the gumline.

Fluoride Treatment

If you or your child faces an increased risk of developing tooth decay, your dentist may also recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help to rebuild the minerals in your tooth enamel to prevent or reverse tooth decay.

Preventive Dental Hygiene, Barrie Dentist

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